Gizmo Bounding Box Scale Problem


When we zoom in a lot in a scene, I realised bounding box cover all the object that it assigned and its impossible to see object after some point. I tried to change some options but none of them work. Is there any way to fix this? For example it looks like this:

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You can check from this link

I can add an option to keep size of bounding box gizmo the same independently of distance. Let me check that.

Actually, there is an option for that : fixedDragMeshScreenSize

Once set to true :

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This doesnt solve my problem unfortunately,

What I need is elements of gizmo bounding box (circles and squares) resize depends on scale of the object.

I changed scale of the object using top right corner of bounding box in following screenshot.

I want to see the object (with bounding box corners of course) at this screenshot instead of seeing only bounding box circles and squares.

something like this ?

Once small, it gets difficult to pick up anchors.

Yes!, this is exactly what I am looking for. It looks difficult but anchors will be bigger when we zoom in right?

Yes and you can change anchors ratio to the bounding box