GLB file exported by sandbox is too big

Hello everyone, I’m working on a project where we are developing various components of Humanization of interior projects.

We do the 3D modeling in Sketchup, from there we export the GLTF 2.0, we do the material treatment in Babylon’s Sandbox, and we export the GLB.

normally, our 3D models have multiple materials.

As our goal is to make these templates available in a web application, we focus beyond item quality on file size, and file size is our issue.

for example.
A Skp of an item was 11,401kb, the GLTF of this item was 16,505kb and the GLB, after bringing the materials, was 238,808kb.

How can we reduce the size of this GLB file without losing the quality of the materials treated in the sandbox?

Welcome aboard!

You can try to use gltfpack to optimize your file: