.glb Morph Targets missing

Hello! I am importing a .glb readyplayerme avatar. It should have 72 morph targets (blendshapes), and it indeed does - I checked in Unity.
Here’s a full list: Customization and configuration - Ready Player Me – Developer Documentation

However, there are only 2 morph targets in the playground.

Your file does not have 72 morphs from what I am seeing.

If you look into the internal JSON in the GLB you can notice there are only 4 “targets” on “EyeLeft” “EyeRight” “Wolf3D_Head” and “Wolf3D_Teeth”.

It is actually what we see in babylon and other online viewers. I wonder where Unity can take those infos from ?

If you download ReadyPlayer avatar with usual ‘Download GLB’ link, from some time it saves only mouthSmile,mouthOpen morph targets by default.
You need to copy .GLB url and then add, as said here 3D Avatars - Ready Player Me – Developer Documentation , to the URL ?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus Visemes
Here is URL example - https://models.readyplayer.me/63e569fb6f759e4d1df880a2.glb?morphTargets=ARKit,Oculus%20Visemes
PG - https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#WGZLGJ#7757

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NICE ONE @labris !!! cc @thomlucc

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