Some problem wih morph targets

I imported two GBL meshs, one of which made some changes, but changed it on the basis of the first model, and then I made a morph targets error, how do I solve it?

this is my PG.

What kind of morph target error are you talking about?

So I fixed your usage of morph targets in code but basically as your vertices are not shared/or having normals to move along in a closed fashion the intermediate influence display holes.

You can see it clearly here:

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I know where the problem is. When exporting the GLB meshs, if we do not triangulate, the diagonal of each quadrilateral is generated randomly or based on the normal, which also leads to the fragmentation of morph targets under different shapes of the same meshs.

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A mesh that does not triangulate the original mesh leads to two meshs with the same vertices, lines and surfaces. When morph targets are carried out under different shapes, when the quadrilateral of the original mesh is transformed into two triangles, the same diagonal is not selected for cutting automatically or when it is cut into two triangles based on normal. then, the vertices coordinates of the two meshs cannot be fitted correctly.

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