Gltf 3D asset loading?

hey guys need some help
trying to upload a scene in gltf format in VS studio
also i have free camera for the navigation and attached controls.
I also applied gravity and collisions but somehow can’t upload the scene in which i want all of this .

something for reference

help? (urgent)

this is really hard to understand the issue without a repro case. Could you create a quick repro in the playground ?

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brother my code is showing no errors its just that the freecamera for navigation that i created i not comin up you know my scene is loaded but its like Arc rotate camera only no navigation no collisions nothing is working.
just like seeing my asset in sandbox
but in the code i gave it a camera
and applied gravity as well as collisons enabled

We need a repro to help more

Did you try:
scene.activeCamera = freeCamera;

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