GLTF Export model appear dark

Hi, I am trying to export the model using GLTF2Exporter.GLBAsync, the resulted model glb / gltf is very dark.

A bit of background- Initially the model is loaded into the scene using ‘SceneLoader.Append’ (the model was procured from sketchFab) the imported model is good appears bright and well lit ( please see the images ).
and, then some meta data information such as ‘label text’ is added to the scene and then the model/scene is finally exported to be saved into the database.
I am using BabylonJs GLTF2exporter, but, the output is very dark (please see the attached image).

I am new to BabylonJS, as this is final part of the POC to get a go-ahead for a project. Have tested the same with ThreeJs and the export was working fine there.

The model is around 69 MB. I have tried to inspect original and the resulting model but have no clue why this is the case!

Appreciate any help in this!

Hi @lizzl and welcome to the forum. Sorry to find out you haven’t got a reply yet and also that your question is outside my expertise.

Pinging @sebavan who may be able to help.

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Have you set the environmental map? This is the second icon in the bottom right corner.

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Ping @Drigax our exporter master as it looks like a bug that might impact the release.

@lizzl Could you share a repro with us, it might help addressing the issue faster.


Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. Yes tried setting environmental map (default/studio) on the sandbox but no change. Thanks

Hi, Thanks for the swift response. So very much appreciate your help.

I’ve uploaded the asset and playground


That’s because your gltf file is using the KHR unlit extension, but it is not preserved when saving the file: I’m sure it’s going to be corrected quickly by gltf masters :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for looking into this and for your advise. It will be really helpful if this can be fixed. Meanwhile will verify few more models.
Thanks again!!

@Drigax I remembered we chated about this one recently, but not when it was targetted to land ?

@sebavan best estimate is Soon™ definitely not before 4.1


Hi, Please - Will this be added to the GLTF Exporter any time soon?
Thanks for such a robust engine, we are extremely happy with BabylonJs POC so far, currently the only issue that is stopping us from moving with our project with BabylonJs is the saving of the model intact.
I would be happy with OBJ or GLTF format that can be exported. BabylonJs will be our source 3D content for web and VR. For Augmented Reality these models will imported in engines that support AR.
Thanks and looking forward for your guidance in this regard.