GLTF exporter environment intensity

when exporting from babylon to GLTF/GLB,
i’m losing PBRMaterial.environmentintensity,
Is it not support by the format or is the exporter missing the feature?
( @Drigax :slight_smile: )

It’s a property not supported by the gLTF format.

@Evgeni_Popov thanks!

I’m notising a ton of other properties not exported, reflectionColor, reflectivityColor, etc…

Do you know of any extensive API / property docs for GLTF simular to babylonjs api docs?
I’m only finding pages and pages of in-depth explainations,
all i want is to see properties, sub-properties, expected values etc :smiley:

GLTF 2.0 Specification - glTF/specification/2.0 at master · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub

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Doesn’t quite fit the description of being an extensive list / property documentation :smiley:

& Additional Maps, Normal / Occlusion / Emissive

that’s nearly all it says ^^

You do have all the properties in the Reference section: glTF/specification/2.0 at master · KhronosGroup/glTF · GitHub


oh you’re right!
sorry, i never saw that. Odd structuring for me :slight_smile: