GLTF format Animation exported from Maya gets absolutely distorted and warped in Babylon Sandbox preview

I use Maya 2023 and have this character that has quite a complex rig (rig fit for tv vfx),

I need to animate it and export as GLTF. Best I got it to export (meaning it exported at all) was to bake joint hierarchy, export as FBX, import into new scene and export via Babylon as GLTF, but in Sandbox it previews stretched&distorted.
Unfortunately, I can’t show any screengrabs or files, but it looks like the model swings its leg, but instead the arm should be swinging. And on top of that it stretches, like if you grabbed half vertices from a model and moved them far away from the rest.

I tried getting rid of vertex that have too many bones influencing them, no changes.
I also tried adding Animation groups: first 5 frames of a T-Pose, then the actual animation. No changes.

One thing I can share is Babylon log:

I think re-rigging the model anew and simpler rig would fix this, but that’s not a favorable solution.

Maybe @Evgeni_Popov and @PatrickRyan have some clues

Managed to get it to work using FBX2glTF.