Mesh is breaking on export

I am exporting a rig with baked animation and it looks fine in maya, and the curves aren’t flipping or anything, but once it is a glb there are issues in the model, particularly the shoulders are warping. I have tried deleting the entire rig and baking in maya before exporting, and the glb looks incorrect, even though it is fine in maya. I am using babylon version 20200113.2

Same as the other issue, a repro would be nice for this one.

Ping @Drigax

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I can’t share the file from work but steps are:
-Export as glb using only selected joints and meshes, meshes setup with arnold standard shader
-glb will have warping in the animation
-delete glb
-try again, and this will fix the geo warping

I am not sure if this is because the previous glb was exported using an older version of babylon, or if something else is happening. Using maya 2019.2, windows 10

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Hey @Thunda1986,

Would you be able to create a small scene that reproduces this issue? It sounds from your description that you’re seeing some distortion when exporting an animated skeletal rigged mesh. Can you try setting your scene playhead to your bind pose frame before exporting?

I can try when I have more time. Yeah I am working on animated glb’s. I can’t set the scene to bind pose because that would be baked into the animation. Did you mean set it to the first frame of the animation?

In the Animation Group window, you can choose the frame range that you want to export. You can then add a frame in your timeline where the mesh is in its rest pose, and set the playhead to that before exporting.

I created an issue to track this, this is definitely not good behavior:


Is there any progress on this? This is a blocker for our team because we like to animate with offset animation tangents set to loop, in order to get nice animation, so having a frame at rest pose and manually entering a frame range is not a doable workflow as having a pose outside that would break the tangent flow. Also, the room for error is high if someone forgets to set the playhead to the pose before exporting.

Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to make progress on this personally until atleast next week.

I can confirm that setting the timeline playhead to a frame with the bind pose has fixed the animation on export, and I had to use the animation groups range function. I am really looking forward to this being fixed. This issue is also causing the models to be off center in different places instead of using the 0,0,0 transform location of the mesh.

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As the final workaround, we are baking the animation to the bind skeleton heirarchy in maya, importing the reference rig, deleting the nurbs controls of the rig, then going back to -1 frame, going to the bind pose, and exporting using the animation groups, then making sure the file isn’t saved in that state. Versus just selecting the export group and exporting when it is working normally.

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We also wrote a custom (and unreliable) script in Maya to do all this extra work, but it has been a nightmare getting it to work across all the rigs. Resetting to bind pose is a pretty unusable/destructive workflow and we did this as a last resort.