.gltf/.glb vs .babylon workflow blender2.8 + substance painter + babylon

I’m starting with blender 2.8 and I wonder what the best workflow will be between blender + substance painter + babylon
in terms of pbr textures, skeleton animations, load time in browser, export format .glb vs .babylon, etc any ideas?

Adding @Vinc3r who may be able to help

In Subtance you have already the gltf export, so it’s surely the more comfortable format to use between all software you’re talking about.

  • about skeletons I don’t know
  • glb vs gltf: in production & team work, I think gltf is best ('cause textures are on separated files), I notice that gltf + textures allow parallel downloading, but glb allow kind of direct sent to the GPU (if I well understood)
  • .glb vs .babylon I don’t know
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GLB is a packaged version of glTF + bin + textures. On the web, downloading a single GLB will probably be slower since the download cannot be parallelized. They both allow vertex buffers to be sent directly to the GPU without modification for the most part.