GLTF Is CompletelyLoaded

Yo @bghgary is there an observable or something to tell when the GLTF has been completely loaded… Including its textures ?

Hi, could this help by any chance?

Here’s a little playground I made for you

And this page here might be useful as well

I saw onComplete, but
On a larger scene with lots of material textures, it seems to be still loading textures AFTER onComplete is called.

I really am trying to detect when all textures from the created gltf has been loaded as well

So it seems to me that onComplete is really not on completely loaded all assets from the gltf… including textures

onComplete is supposed to be everything. If it is not, there is perhaps a bug. Does this include custom extensions?

EDIT: onComplete isn’t necessary if you don’t have LODs though, so the loader shouldn’t become successful until all the textures are loaded.

Yo @bghgary … can you please check out this playground… It looks like it load the textures … (i.e Grass01.png) then it loads a bunch of blobs, THEN the OnComplete fires, then it looks like it loads all the textures before the blobs all over again… Really weird …

I think you are seeing the glTF validator.

Try this:

Yo @bghgary … i am just curious… What is the ryhme or reason for the blob calls… Does the GLTF loader automatically use createObjectURL for each texture… Where are all those blobs coming from ???

Yes, glTF loader uses Blobs for textures in order to get download progress. We have talked about using URLs directly instead and report progress by counting the completed items instead, but that hasn’t been implemented.