GPU Particles & Blend Mode

I’m trying to optimize my babylon scenes using GPU particles, but If I use the same blend mode as I had with standard particles (BLENDMODE_MULTIPLYADD), then my particles look terrible with the transparent portion being ignored. If I use BLENDMODE_STANDARD the particles come out looking too dark. Is there a way to have the same look when I’m using both GPU particles and non-GPU particles?

Here’s a playground with my settings and using my particle texture.

BLENDMODE_MULTIPLYADD can not work well as it requires several draw calls to blend correctly.

It works well with normal particles as they are drawn through separate draw calls.

basically blending requiring accumulation will not work well with the gpu particles.

Ahh…ok… looks like I’ll have to find an alternative. I tried using the default ONEONE blend mode which works fine in the playground but not in my actual scene for some reason. I think my scene clear color

scene.clearColor = new BABYLON.Color3(0.1058, 0.792, 0.894);

is preventing any particle color from showing through and all the particles appear white. :confounded: I’ll keep playing with combinations. Worst case scenario, I don’t use GPU particles.