Remove transparency in particles

Hi, I’m trying to remove the transparency in particles from a particlesystem.
I have a simple png that I would like to use for the particles, but there’s transparency added to them when emitted.
How do I turn this off or tweak this?
See for example this PG:
The particles are fading out during their life time. I’d like to remove the fading.

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Hey there!

When you create a particle system in code using

const particleSystem = new BABYLON.ParticleSystem("particles", 2000);

this will just create a basic particle system. To answer your questions I’m going to show you a really cool tool we have called the Particle Editor! The Particle Editor | Babylon.js Documentation

For the fading, the default particle were playing with blending modes and color gradients. If we go over to out particle inspector here. I simple changed the “dead color” from black to white. :slight_smile: Another solution is just removing the other colors entirely.

For the transparency, that has to do with the blending mode. Let’s try for example setting from “OneOne” to “Standard”


Finally now that we’re done making these changes. Let’s save it to the snippet server so we can reuse later. :slight_smile:


And there you have it. Let me know if you have any further questions? :slight_smile:


Great, thanks! That’s all the info I needed. I had the wrong blending mode selected. But I see I can create some additional cool things using the color info you provided!