GPU Particles in WebXR only render in left eye


I think this is a bug or is it a limitation of GPU Particles? If I switch to an XR session then the particles are only rendered in one eye.

In this PG use any keyboard input to toggle XR (or change the PG to call enterXRAsync directly)

Is this a known problem or limitation?

Ouch, no, that shouldn’t happen.

Want to submit a github issue? we will take care of that.

Ok, thanks Raanan. I have submitted an issue on GitHub.

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Thanks for the fix to the bug Raanan.
If I have a project (a React app) that uses the modules installed via npm is there any way to get this fix applied? Or do I wait for the next release and then do an update?

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We will release a new alpha version very soon. Probably a day or two.