Graphical error

Hello all :slight_smile:

A picture first:

this is a galaxy seen sideways…

now its all build with a PointsCloudSystem, but before I post a PG, would anyone have any idea about why those darker particles are “bleeding through” the lighter ones?


If someone has an idea they have to play the lottery because they can see the matrix :slight_smile:

haha tres drole :slight_smile: Ok understood, I will work on a PG :slight_smile:

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I was subtle in my ask this time ;D

extremely ! :smiley:

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ok here goes / le voici :slight_smile:

WASD/etc to fly around.

You can see the graphical glitch (on my end I’m sure!) when you are around the ecliptic and rotate around the galaxy.

Merci beaucoup !

Here we are my lord:
ooops | Babylon.js Playground (

(needDepthPrePass to the rescue)

wow monseigneur est trop bon

More seriously, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

this community never fails to impress!

Thanks for being part of it :wink:

ok so this works… with reasonable numbers.

as it turns out, I use huge distances (not surprising given what is displayed), and a floating origin camera.

I tested on this PG with “multiplier” variable, which has the effect of making all distances larger.

needDepthPrePass keeps on working for reasonable values of mul, but the problems comes back for larger values.

Is it even possible? Are we running into precision problems? Smth else?

Do you need pcs.mesh.visibility = 0.9999; ?

Nope I don’t. Just tried without, but to no avail. :frowning:
I must be missing something

it’s obviously a geometric issue. almost like a normal thing.


So you think this might be due to the way points are positioned? If so, how to try and fix it?

Is it a blend mode thing? Looks like should be using additive. Or render back to front which is probably too expensive for this many things.

I have indeed managed to fix it locally using:

pcs.mesh.material.alphaMode = BABYLON.Engine.ALPHA_ADD;

but trying in the PG ( does not seem to change anything :[