Glass chromatic dispersion shader

Im curious if anyone has taken a stab at a glass dispersion shader ? Similar to this:

seems the basic approach is to have a different IOR for R,G,B and then interpolate these via a noise texture.

Not sure if its possible to interpolate IOR per pixel with a lookup texture like in the video. Wondering if anyone has attempted this.


ChatGPT? :stuck_out_tongue:


never tried but looks good !!!

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This is the first time I tried it and it looks quite good to me too.

Post a PG! would be cool to see it.

We’re talking about the ChatGPT results.

oh hah indeed!

But I can try to make a shader for a beer :beers::joy:

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No beer received yet :joy:

ahah :slight_smile:

I love that you follow the thread !!! incredible dedication… to beer :wink:

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… im working on the beer stay tuned.

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Hint: :beer:

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No Jameson emoticon available… :rofl: