GridMaterial not shown in Safari on iPad after Update to iOS 15.0

After updating my iPad to newest iOS 15.0 Version GridMaterial is not shown anymore.

It is still working on newest Safari Version on Mac. The error only appears on Safari at the iPad.

Result on iPad

Does anyone has an idea to solve this problem ?


Safari 15 WebGL2 support is unfortunately more than weird and full of issues at the moment :frowning: You could try forcing WebGL1 by passing disableWebGL2Support to true in the options.

In parallel @Cedric could you have a look if you have a device on 15 ?

Tested on Safari iPhone iOS15 and MacOS 11.5.2, webGL1 and 2, without any issue :confused:

Only some iPhone/iPad generations seem to have problems. It seems that newer devices have less problems.

Can you test it @DarraghBurke ?

On my iPhone SE this PG is not working. On my iPad Air 2 it works.
… for other WebGL2 Demos its the other way around :confused:

The GridMaterial within the playground works on my iPhone SE (2020), but doesn’t work on my iPhone 7 and iPad Pro. All devices are running iOS 15 with native Safari (same experimental settings – none changed). WebGL 1 or 2 and other versions of BabylonJS as changed directly within the BabylonJS playground don’t seem to make a difference in this regard.

Thanks for all of your replies. I am using iPad (6.Generation) and it is not working. I checked out WebGL1/2 and different BabylonJS but GridMaterial is not shown.

Very strange, so this is not related to WebGL2. On my iPhone SE it is also not working with WebGL 1.

This repros for me as well on an iPhone 6, I am getting a black screen on both WebGL 1 and 2. No console errors. Will investigate further.

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For me it only causes issues when the material is applied to a plane. If you apply the material to the sphere, it renders fine. But it’s completely black when applied to the ground or the background plane.

It looks like it’s white for you @RobinKrumm, which is interesting.

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I have filed a bug with the WebKit team: 231108 – Certain shaders do not render correctly in Safari 15 on Older iOS Devices (

We’ll have to see what they say :slight_smile:

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Hi, when I try to apply the material to a box, the grid appears, but in relation to the grid on the sphere the grid material on the box is pixelated.

could be a derivative issue on their end :frowning: