iPad safari with enabled webgl 2.0 does not work with Babylon

Go to settings- safari-advanced-experimental feature. On the page the there is a webgl 2.0.

When this feature is enabled the playground and Babylon does not work.

Is this a known issue. Is it working as expected. Should it work with webgl 2.0

so far safari pretends only to support webgl2 but it has no feature of it :slight_smile:
Typical apple.

adding @Cedric to make sure we are not missing something though

I’ve tested on my ipad with ios 14.0.1 and safari webgl2 enabled and got no issue.

I am 13.6.1

Would try to upgrade and test

@Cedric before I try to upgrade would you be interested in collecting more data? Something I could report.

I have visited the get.webgl.org with webgl 2.0 enabled and the cube there is working, but Babylon is not.

ok, I didn’t test babylon PG with the safe guard removed. will do soon!

Using playground 4.2.0-beta.9 master version. I didn’t remove any guard check
Tests with Safari

I can see the console log on my mac thanks to web Inspector

  • iphone11 ios13.5.1
    webgl2 detected and used. white screen. fps changes so there is definitely something going on but no display

  • ipad ios 14.0.1
    webgl2 detected and used. everything is rendered properly

On both devices I can see the spinning cube of get.webgl.org

I’m upgrading iOS version on my iPhone …

iPhone 11 with ios 14.01 webgl2 …and it works fine :slight_smile:

Should I tell customers to upgrade to 14.01 or you think it is worth looking why there is a white screen with 13.X?

First, I invite you to do tests with iOS 14 before asking your customers to do so.
And confirm everything works fine on your side.
WebGL2 is still considered as experimental feature so, I’m not really surprised it didn’t work on iOS 13.
For iOS14, we have no guarantee it will work perfectly fine.
Control is not in our hands right now. It’s in Apple’s.

What’s your take on that @Deltakosh

Well you found no issue on bjs with webgl2 on ios14? so we are all good?

I’m good.

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