GUI and Accessibility

Hi all, I am fairly new to BJS, and trying to wrap my head around Canvas2D, BJS GUI and the like. I did a lot of research and still need clarity on:

  1. what is the difference between the castor GUI and the babylon GUI.
  2. where can I find documentation for canvas2D?
  3. My main point is I am trying to create HTML elements on top of the scene such that they are accessibility complaint.
    I did find links to @Dad72, but the PG does nothing for me. Also tried opening up the distribution version for the castorgui min file. this link fails: CastorGUI/castorGUI.min.js at master · dad72/CastorGUI · GitHub
    please let me know what I am missing.
    Any, all help is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

Hi @akikciva , welcome :slight_smile:
Babylon GUI is the official webgl gui, still supported and kept up-to-date by core team and contributors,
Canvas2D was discontinued some years back when babylon gui was added. (as far as i know/remember)
CastorGUI is a HTML overlay gui, i don’t know about support/activity status.

You can also make your GUI directly in HTML & JS depending on your needs

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Thanks for the prompt answer, it helps!
Also, as you mentioned I can make my own GUI in HTML/JS, is there an example, an existing thread, PG, anything that can provide more insight on how to go about this?

You can make it the same way as any HTML pages and control your scene at canvas element with HTML/JS controls.
Examples are numerous, here is just one - Mu-so 2nd Generation 3D , you can change the texture with HTML controls over the canvas.