How to install and use castor gui

Hey guys, simple question how do i start out with carstor2d gui, i have seen the docs on how to use it but i cant figure out how to install and start using it with css. I find babylonjs 2d gui complicated and brocken as i also want simple ui animations and its so choppy for some reason. would also appreciate any other gui recomendation. Would appreciate any help:hugs:

Pinging @Dad72


Dowload the file :

Then call this script in the < script > tag as you do with Babylon.js

And use :

Documentation of all the elements here :

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Hello, I cannot reach those addresses.

Oops, I forgot to renew the domain name. I’m renew tomorrow. I will keep you informed.

@meo It is renew. These addresses are accessible again.
Please download the file rather than using the direct link to the server.
The file will soon be deleted from the server.

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Does that mean that in the future Castor GUI will not be available. Is it possible to put it on github. It seems that some BJS users would still like to use it.

Yes i will put it on GITHub. I would provide the link

The link to GitHub is here:

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I had to do this a long time ago : it is to put my server in https so that it works on the playground. It’s done. :wink:

I updated the links (on the repository) to the playground for the CastorGUI demos so that it works in https.

I updated the “Readme” to Babylon extensions as well. This will be validated soon I guess.

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Was updating links in the BJS documentation and unfortunately from the github link you gave found the demo link does not work because of the following errors

Blocked loading mixed active content “”
Blocked loading mixed active content “”

Also the documentation link gives a 404

I forgot to put this with https for the links.
I’ll fix this in a moment.
Thank you for reporting it.

@JohnK : It is correct :

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Will finish the docs update now.

It’s done too. It is awaiting validation.


Hello! it seems like is not working again :frowning:


Yes sorry for that. My server was deleted with all the data by my Server provider (Kimsufi), after an invoice not resolved after 15 days. I was surprised by their change in policy. He will not inform me until after. I still have a hard time swallowing this.

I must take over a dedicated server soon and I will put everything back in place when the time comes.

Sorry again for this problem.