Gui btn add pointerUpAnimation event

As you keep clicking btn, it’s getting smaller and smaller

this.pointerUpAnimation = () => {
    this.scaleX += 0.05;
    this.scaleY += 0.05;

Existing events have a corresponding value, so you can use the
I resized it but you overriding it.

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another question for this pg, it seems Graphics card (amd card) question.
when click btn animation, btn leave a shadow line


I thought this was dust on the monitor.
so i find and checked it

It’s eye-popping.

I tried changing the conditions.

button’s color Afterimage in gui Indelible

cc @carolhmj our GUI guru
This appears to be a bug

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:grinning:,It seems to be appearing on the A card at present
N card is ok

wow, both aCard and N card have appeared

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Hm this seems related to the button’s scaling and the invalidateRectOptimization, as when the scale is not reduced, or the optimization is off, the image is properly cleared. Thanks for the report, I will investigate.


PR fixing this invalidation: Fix invalidateRect of a Rectangle Control with thickness by carolhmj · Pull Request #14058 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (