GUI Editor Bug :: Parse from snippet with external image from dropbox (svg)

As of this weekend, I noticed a new bug/behavior when parsing my GUI from the Editor.
Even old versions of this GUI that were working perfectly all have the same problem now.

The GUI is built with a number of buttons containing an image. The image link is reused multiple times as the button is duplicated. The image format is svg from a shared user dropbox link.

As I said, it was all working fine until friday (or saturday, not sure just exactly). Note that I didn’t make any change on this part and when editing the GUI in the Editor, all images show and all links are valid. Making a new save to snippet does not solve the issue. Images do not show anymore although there’s no error in the console and the image is sourced from dropbox.

I managed to somewhat reproduce the problem in a PG. Here the original image loads but the duplicates eventually do not show at first. By clicking ‘play’ a second time, duplicate images would show. By reloading the PG or refreshing, eventually the duplicate images do not show anymore.

Testing link:

My original GUI:

Thanks for having a look at this and meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses:

cc @carolhmj. I know we merged a PR lately wrt to caching images, maybe it’s related.

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Woops lemme look at this

PR up: Fix GUI Image caching to consider images that have been created but n… by carolhmj · Pull Request #13440 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

@mawa as always thank you for being a true guardian angel of the GUI! :saluting_face: :vulcan_salute:

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I was just wondering. It seems the PR has been merged yesterday but I’m still missing my icons.
And then, FYI, just realized that this is not just affecting the 2D GUI from the editor but also the 3D GUI (same problem, duplicate images do not show).
Thanks and have a great weekend :sunglasses:

Took a look and it seems it was merged after the version release, so it didn’t get into it, sorry :sweat_smile: If you test with the PR snapshot, we see the icons :slight_smile: BabylonServer (

Good enough for me. I can wait, no worries.

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YES! It did it. :hugs:
I hereby confirm my icons have automagically :magic_wand: reappeared in both 2D and 3D GUI :smiley:.
Long live the BJS GUI :crown: :laughing:


Hi @carolhmj , awesome! Do you know when the next release is coming? This one kind of wreaked havoc across our UI :sweat_smile: thanks for the quick fix for it!!

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Just asked Raanan to generate a new release for us :slight_smile: