GUI Editor Pan mode does not work as expected

Just wanted to let you know this in the bugs category. Since I believe this is a bug:
The Pan mode does not work if an element is selected in the hierarchy.
It moves the element instead of the expected behavior of panning the scene.

Hi! I’m trying to reproduce this but haven’t been able to yet. Do you have an example layout where this happens?

OK, I can try be more explicit and if you still cannot reproduce I can try make a video capture sequence.

I could have mentionned that the shortcut as stated in the doc is ‘P’. However ‘SPACE’ also highlights the move icon making one think that you can hold ‘SPACE’ to activate pan mode. Which, on a side note, I believe is much more user friendly than pressing ‘P’.

To reproduce:

  1. Select an element in the hierarchy with the ‘select’ tool active.
  2. With this element selected, press ‘P’ to change to ‘pan mode’. Notice that the mode does not change.
  3. Instead of pressing ‘P’, press and hold ‘SPACE’. This time, see the tools icon change to the ‘pan mode’.
    Click anywhere else than your selected element in the scene and the element will become unselected and you can pan normaly (however) OR
    3a) Click on the area of the selected element (while holding space) and it will instantly return to ‘select mode’ AND move the element.

Edit: In conclusion and in short, two things here:

  1. When pressing ‘P’ to switch to pan mode, pan mode should be activated even though an element has been selected with the ‘select tool’
  2. When holding ‘SPACE’ to activate pan mode, clicking on the area of the selected element should not make it change to select mode and move the element (not as long as you hold ‘SPACE’).
    Let me know if this is somehow clear enough or if I need to make a video capture? Thanks,

Thanks for the steps! Now I’m seeing this happening, weirdly, sometimes it works fine and sometimes doesn’t. o.o It seems like if you select the element via the Hierarchy Tree, the pan breaks, but if you double click on the selected element then try to pan again (with either p or space), it works fine.

Exactly. The fact that it seems to work ‘eratically’ is the most annoying. Else, you could get acquainted to a method. But since you also cannot undo, I’m loosing a lot of time and patience just on that and I feel that this kind of issue will be critical to fix for UX.

Yep for some reason we were checking for key events only on the canvas instead of in the entire GUI, fixed that: GUI Editor Tool buttons now respond on the entire document instead of… by carolhmj · Pull Request #12844 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

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