GUI Line in Rectangle

It seems like this is not possible to put a line inside a Rectangle?
See playground:
If this is the case, we should add it in the GUI doc?

Not especially linked but I think the hoverCursor might not work properly with Rectangle. In this playground, the pointer cursor is only visible when you click on the Rectangle:

  1. Yes definitely. But I should fix that actually. Creating an issue for that Line should work inside containers · Issue #5897 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

  2. Not a bug but to define the cursor, you have to block the scene from catching the pointer: (Would you be kind enough to update the doc regarding that info? Thanks a lot)

No problem @Deltakosh.
But how do you block the scene from catching the pointer? Is it link to the onPointerObservable scene’s property?

Speaking of the doc I noticed the setTarget function doesn’t appear in targetCamera doc class (TargetCamera - Babylon.js Documentation). I see the function is set hidden here: Babylon.js/targetCamera.ts at master · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub
I was wondering why because it misled me as I need to use that function with different camera types (universal and deviceorientation both extending targetcamera) and I thought it wasn’t possible?

check line #41:

For the setTarget this is an error (i’ll fix it right now)

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I was working on another user-issue, being completely confused about the wanted effect, and I made this thing…

I, too, am having problems with lines in a rectangle. They are bent, just like my view of life. hmm.

See my failed custom observer in lines 410-416? It seems difficult to bind line 415 (notifyObservers) to actual camera.radius value.

Hey, it’s my first-ever custom observer attempt… and I’m trying to install it on a core node (camera). I think I am pushing the limits of custom observing… and may need to modify a camera input to get the notify installed correctly. Weird.

line 411 - WHAT IF: camera.onRadiusChange = new BABYLON.Observable(camera.radius); and after that, no need for a notifyObservers() line at all? heh. Speculating and dreaming… thinking.

How DOES a guy put a custom observer on an arcCam radius? Possible? Need a PHD in observing? Thoughts, anyone? (thx)