GUI textBlock with PointerBlocker default set to "false"

It’s been a while I’ve been thinking about this. Given the use of a tb inside a GUI, I don’t see a good reason why the textBlock should by default act as a pointer blocker. Each time I use a container instead of a button, first thing I have to do is set the textBlock to “false”. I believe it would be more handy (and more logical) to have it the other way round, no?
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This would unfortunately be a breaking change :frowning: cc @carolhmj

Hmmm yeah pointer blocker changes tend to cause a bit of confusion when they happen :thinking: I’ll add @RaananW to ask what he thinks

yeah, that’s breaking back compat, but it makes sense…
in what scenario is it needed to be turned on? i mean, i wonder why it is on by default?

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Yes, that’s the question I also asked myself. :thinking: But then, I can’t be sure of all use cases. However, using a textBlock to block pointer interactions seems a bit odd (in my opinion). Well, in any case, it’s not a big deal to declare it. I can still browse through all controls of this type and change it… but yes, I was just wondering… Thanks,