GUI3D : Slider3D observables are not triggered

I do not manage to enter the callbacks when i set observables for the Slider3D objects :

Slider3D information is missing in the GUI3D documentation but the class says it inherits Control3D, so I guess I could use these values… ?
Thank you guys

Hello again,
I’m sorry I couldn’t answer your other question on the 3D GUI Slider. But I think I can at least help with this one and this rev of your PG. Hope this helps,

You are right, I noticed that onValueChangedObservable is the only one working here.
But I really need the onPointerDown to work because I want some operations to be done only once.

Ouch! I’m afraid that for this one you will probably need to implement yourself for the 3D slider (as far as I know). Or you could extend the function with a var recording the first interaction and value change with the slider and next remove the observable (that would be easy and would work, I believe)

Else, just allow some time for may be @sebavan to reply and confirm (or give you the solution that works automagically :magic_wand: for it). Meanwhile, you can cross fingers hoping this solution exists.
It’s holiday period so replies from the team and experts might just take a little bit more time than usual.

Meanwhile, have a great day :sunglasses: :sun_with_face:

I ll see if it is easy to fix or by design when I ll fix this one tonight: GUI3D : Slider3D isVisible boolean not working

Will be fixed by Fix 3D slider observables and visibility by sebavan · Pull Request #12759 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

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Wow @Boz (with your discoveries) and then @sebavan (with your instant fixes)… In a couple of posts you two sure helped improving the 3D GUI.
Amazing stuff. I luv it :heart_eyes:


It should be working now thanks to @sebavan :slight_smile: quick response and dedication as always. Keep it up ! Thanks