Suddenly GUI.Slider and counter doesn’t work/update

Hi, suddenly neither the GUI.Slider or GUI.Slider3D works as they did a couple of weeks ago.
When pressing any of the 3D buttons in the following PG, the slider updated its location with the current frame earlier. And it was also possible to scrub through the animation/frames using the slider.

The GUI.TextBlock is also not updating anymore. Earlier it updated its number according to the current frame that the animation was on.

It seems like it could be a bug in the latest few updates to the engine. Or has the functionality of these elements intentionally been changed?

Babylon.js Playground (

cc @carolhmj

I tested the TextBlock and Slider3D elements and they seem fine: Slider3D test | Babylon.js Playground (

Your playground has a lot of different parts, are you sure it’s not something else that changed there?

All right! The PG in this topic i exactly the same as i linked to in this topic (Suddenly 3D buttons doesn't return to initial color in AR - #15 by RaananW) (where I suddenly had issues with 3D buttons not returning to their initial grey color once pressed).

But the function of the 3D slider and the textblock updating with the frame number was never an issue, but now suddenly is without me changing anything :thinking:

Can the issue be related to the pointer out behaviour that was solved in the other topic I linked to?

I don’t think so, since that issue was only in AR mode… can you simplify your playground so we can try to identify the cause with more precision?

There is something else wrong in your code. The GUI components seems to be OK to me.

ra[0].currentFrame is always 0 at line 337. Modify your code to assign a random value and you’ll see yourself that both the slider and the textblock are updating correctly.



I see, so its the other way around. Current changes in the engine has revealed a bug (or many…) in my code that was working before. I have double checked in other tests I’ve done, but that included the exact same slider functionality. All of them are broken now as well.

Let this noobs bug hunt begin :sweat_smile:

Just to point me in the right direction here:
Can any of these newly implemented changes have clues to why my sliders stopped working?

Fix stopAllAnimatables stop loop order. by carolhmj · Pull Request #13683 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (


Animation: Fix infinite loop when mutating scene._activeAnimatables by Popov72 · Pull Request #13703 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (

Small update 1:
If I remove the “()” from “group.stop();” on line 283, the first animation “Forward” plays instantly. But then when I press the “Forward” button the slider and counter are working exactly as they used to! Even the “Animation timeline scrubbing” functionality of the slider is working like before. But this only works for the first animation “Forward”. It gets broken again if I try another button. So I’m pretty sure something in one of the above PRs changed something directly related to my issue.

Small update 2:
If I change the group.stop() to group.pause(), the first animation “Forward” is working exactly as it used to and as expected. And even after trying to trigger the other animations in between. All remaining animations’ updating of the slider and counter are still broken.

All right, so after some experimenting it seems as if it is working as intended again… Can someone please explain why these small changes restored the old functionality :upside_down_face:??? I’m still a rookie and simply got lucky this time…

Updated PG where everything is working like it used too a couple of engine versions ago:
Babylon.js Playground (

The only small changes I did: