Guys, i got some problem that i make a sprite in webxr and try to select it

i can‘t select sprites when i run in webxr ,i only can selected meshs, how can i select sprites in webxr? please

I never used sprites, only planes with a texture, so I don’t know anything about them in particular. Maybe you can do the same?

have you tried setting the .isPickable property to true?

There’s more explanation here: Picking Sprites | Babylon.js Documentation

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yes i have , and test it in general webpage is ok even if using in WebXR device emulator browser extension , just pick it in webxr with handle in headsets i only can get a meshs list in feedback arraylist, there is a demo and i test it on Oculus Quest2 and Pico neo3 : testXrSprite | Babylon.js Playground (
thank u so much

Adding our VR guru @RaananW

That is because sprite picking is not supported in XR at the moment. I will be happy to look into adding is to the pointer selection, but for now we only support picking meshes.

Want to create an issue (feature request) on github?

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