WebXR - pointerSelection with actionManager and declaration of a clickable mesh list

Hi @RaananW

In this post, you said me to disable (Detach) the pointer selection to increase the fluidity, it’s great.

So for the moment, I have associated with the X ey Y buttons for the activation and deactivation of the pointer selection like in this video:
WebXR - pointerSelection hided with Y ou X button?

I use actionManager for the interaction with the book, it’s almost perfect because I only have the pointer selection on the left that works.
Is that normal?

And is it possible to declare a clickable mesh list for the pointer selection to increase performance when pointer selection is activated?

Thanks again for the great job you’re doing on this part, I’m not very good in code and I’m getting by pretty well.

Happy you progress so quickly! :slight_smile:

The pointer selection feature is actually using Babylon’s pointer system. so the list of pickable meshes in the scene will be the list of clickable/selectable elements. to make an object selecatble, set its isPickable parameter to true (and vice versa).
If you want to accelerate your scene without disabling and enabling the pointer selection all the time, make sure to define the onPointerMove predicate in the scene to fit your needs (and return true only to meshes you want to be able to select).

Hi @RaananW,

I would like to say you that I’ve tried with isPickable parameter, that is great, performance is OK
I’ve just testing in VR mode the Billboard to display informations of the Book when I click on it.
It’s work perfectly, what a pleasure to come back from vacation and work again on Babylon.JS

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