Happy early XMas for Me

There was a recent question about enableGroundProjection that used the Hollywood / urban.env. An env / 3d texture has major resolution limitations, relative to 2d textures.

Anyway, I have a test scene where I used the very hi res (8000 x 4000) 360 jpg version instead. It has the problem of no real concept of ground. You are just floating in air, & you cannot really move around / XR teleport in. Scaling is also really difficult.

I had screwed around trying to do a Blender based solution back in 7/2022, but had to stop, because I felt I was spending too much time on it. It looked like crap. Seeing the question, I decided to give it one more try Saturday, picking up where I left off.

It works!, but I do not clearly remember the steps before then :open_mouth:. Still, it looks insane! Here are 2 similar shots from each method.

Yes, my pics are a bit of tease, but I am not going to elaborate on right now. Hope your end of year holiday is as fortunate for you!


Looks promising!

Very nice!