Ground Projection

Following on the footpath of @Leon and @PhilSchoe Ground projection is now fully available.

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Doc: Skyboxes | Babylon.js Documentation


Awesome work!
I removed the camera limits and after zooming out very far things start to look weird.

yup that is to be expected if you go out of the defined projectionGroundRadius as the “projection” is basically ray traced and you are out or closed from the edge of the defined sphere. I could make it look better at the expense of more instructions in the shader and as it has a cost I chose to leave it for now :slight_smile:

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also in your case you are exceeding the far plane of the camera creating clipping as well. you could fix it by changing it in the playground as well as reanabling autoclear in the scene to be sure to not have old frames in the new ones where it clips.

But it looks like explaining a magic trick :slight_smile:

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@sebavan Love it! Great work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for mentioning me, I really appreciate it!
If I could have been even the tiniest spark of inspiration for the development of this feature, I am more than happy :slight_smile:

Thank you for doing such a great work with BabylonJS.

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