Having trouble rolling back to a previous version of the Babylon plugin

I was using 20210201.13 (Maya 2019, Windows) for a while, and last week I updated to 20210308.2.

There’s been some new oddness happening with my rigged geo (another story), and as part of the troubleshooting process I want to roll back to the Babylon version I was using before. We’ve tried manual installs repeatedly, completely uninstalling first, and we keep getting an error when trying to load the plugin in Maya – one of Maya’s plugin MEL scripts gives an error with no data except naming the nll.dll.

So my question is, are there any known issues or tricks involved with rolling back versions? We are not out of options yet; we might try to re-install Maya itself. But I figured I’d ask here as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi guy’s
Before re-install, you may try to reset to user default (which is a common procedure for autodesk products such Maya or Max )
you can use this link to description.

Ah yes, the old blow-away-the-user-preferences step for troubleshooting in Maya. Should have thought of that… thanks!

Will give it a try, when I’m back on that task.