Havok heightmap

PhysicsShapeType.MESH works well for heightmap building, but i want to know if it is possible to instance a PhysicsShapeType.HEIGHTFIELD, or PhysicsShapeType.MESH is better than cannon HeightmapImpostor?

HeightField is not available yet. Cannon is way slower than Havok so I believe Havok’s mesh is better. Best is always to do a benchmark scene and do the comparison. like this one: Babylon.js Playground

when the player walks up a mountain in the heightmap and attempt to go down i expect the player falls inmediatly but instead of that the player keeps walking in the air, you can check it in the repro above

Another thing i want to achieve is to restrict the player from walking up the most vertical positive levels, you know, only want the player to climb low positive levels, like in real life.
This image explain what i am talking, the player is almost on the top of a high positive level.

When you set linear velocity you have to apply gravity yourself (vector3.y)

Do you mean to call setGravityFactor after setLinearVelocity?

I did it and now the player instead of fall moves like is walking down stairs

One solution could be check wether the player is colliding the heightmap to check if is on the air and apply a linear velocity down or high gravity factor but is a bit hacky, what do you think so?

No, just add some gravity (-vector.y value) to the vector3 you pass to setLinearVelocity