Havok Physics Delay in Initialization

I have been using a Galaxy Tab S8+ for the last few hours and so far it has not manifested the spawn and drop forever bug. My phone however, does still manifest the bug as randomly as always.

So, we may be looking at some strange interaction between HAVOK and certain devices such as my Samsung S9+ phone. Its four years old but does report support for ARkit features, runs all the AR demos from google well, and I have been using it as a test device for a few other AR apps and experiments with no issue. Only HAVOK has problems.

I’ll leave this open for a few days to be certian. Even if the bug never manifests on the tablet it will cause problems if random devices don’t support HAVOK but otherwise run BabylonJS perfect. My target is actually mobile phones as they are ubiquitous, a lot less people have AR capable tablets. So nothing has really been “solved” and this is worthy of future investigation to see if its purely an anomaly with S9+ phones or with multiple types of android devices. The only real way to tell is to rig up a test scene and ask the community to test and profile devices they own. I am still paranoid the bug will come back, as I thought it disappeared once before, but at least I have a device to move forward with… for now :face_with_spiral_eyes: