Havok and animated mesh : no collision


My animated mesh is not collided by the sphere.

The PG

I don’t know why.
Any other mesh using Meshbuilder works just fine. Even a non animated mesh works fine.

I am pretty sure it’s related to the animation.

Any help ?


I couldn’t get it working but there is something there, open the playground inspector > debug tab > helpers > Physics toggle to see it. Very small and looks below ground level.

It is even reversed and very small indeed…

What’s going on…

This is currently expected, as skeletal animation will deform the mesh in a way that’s not compatible with Havok. You could alternatively use a box/capsule parented to the animated body as the collider, which also has the advantage of needing less computation than the convex mesh.

Thanks Carol,
that’s a neat idea!

Let’s roll! :blush: