Havok vehicle controller

does havok has vehicle controllers?

We plan to support it: [Physics] Car/Vehicle controller · Issue #13800 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js (github.com)

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I was developing a game when i discover that havok doesn’t support vehicle controllers and that leads me to ammo vehicle controller so i decided to continue with ammo because kinematiccharacter controller does an excelent job regarding to player movement rather than havok rigid body, with havok i had to manually stabilish the player gravity because of the linearVelocity and that is hacky and not the correct way to manage a player movement.

The question is when Babylon is going to include the rest of Havok features like vehicle controllers and kinematic character controllers :)? @carolhmj, @Cedric

We can’t give an exact date, but we want to have it by 7.0 release next Spring.