Healthcare Simulation using BabylonJS WebXR, is it possible?

Hi everyone,

I want to ask something, I want to make a project about healthcare simulation that is connected to IoT. For visualization, is it possible to use babylonjs as the basis for webXR? Thank you

Note: I put an example scenario in the link below

I think it works,you can try a demo

Babylon’s WebXR is not a magic tool. It is a simpler interface to the native WebXR API. it is a view definition, wrapped with some other APIs and other goodies to simplify the process of XR integration.

Anything you can do with Babylon will work with WebXR. you might have a different user interaction, and you might need to develop some UI elements or processes yourself, but of course - anything that is possible with native WebXR and native WebGL can be done using BabylonJS (and other way around, i must say. it will just take a LOT longer :wink: )

Thank you for the reply :+1:

Thank you for the reply sir