Heightmap swallow falling mesh

Go near the table until the grenade gets highlighted, pick with F and then hold left mouse for a sec to finish the throwing grenade pose, release lmb to throw. Sometimes the ground swallow the grenade.


Hey! what about we slow down on the million questions and provide a correct repro in the PG ?


Please don´t close this post as i am working on a repro in the PG so i don´t need to repost. When i finish coding the repro i will post the PG link. :slight_smile:

No worries:)

I solved this by adding a margin to the dynamic object and setting a maximum subdivisions capacity for the heightmap builder.
The only bug that remains is that when the player collides the table he step up over the table without jumping, the table have mass of 0, if you collide the barrel it will not happens because the barrel is dynamic, and if you collide with the wall it will not happen because the wall is too tall.
I want to find out which is the parameter of kinematicController that prevents this behaviour