Help needed to create a viewer

Hello everyone! A great pleasure to land on this forum. I need to create a viewer reading a set of STL files with their transformations, and simulate the movements of the objects with gizmo controls, sliders to define rotations, etc. Is there a framework available for this, or could anyone be interested in help as a freelancer? Thanks, Frank

hello Frank.


sent you Email. please have a look.


Did you have a look at The Babylon.js Viewer - Babylon.js Documentation ?

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Yes, I did. The functions I am looking for are a bit different. I need the app to load a set of files, and a file that has a series of transformation matrices for each objects. The app will simulate the movements/annimation of all the objects together, and let the user to adjust final positions of each of the objects using a local coordinate system (xyz axes). There are some other needs to.

I appreciate if someone have done similar work.

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Hi Amandan, thanks for reaching out. I replied your email.

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Hello Amanda,

Thanks for the messages earlier.

We have a very clear application requirements, and would like to work with a fixed budget.

  1. Use Babylon.js
  2. Open 30-100 STL files in the same time. The files can be on server or local machine. The size of the files are in the range of total 50MB or so.
  3. The objects are teeth, gum and dental brackets (stainless steel). They need to be rendered with nice shading.
  4. All the objects will be given a set of transformation matrices
  5. Animation will be generated according to the matrices.
  6. A GUI is required to move individual tooth and bracket using Gizmo of Babylon, or something specially created. The movements are translation and rotation. In the meantime detect and show the collisions of one tooth and others.
  7. In addition we will need to plan the order of the animation, like one tooth move first, then another.
  8. Save the transformation matrices after the user finalize the adjustment.
  9. Use some nice background and splash page/music.

We can split the project into stages. Please give me a rough estimation how you want to split the project into stages, and how much is an acceptable budget. I am a software engineer too, just no time to do this. I know projects can often go out of expectation, so some budget buffer is understandable.

Please let me know how you think.

Best regards,