Slicing a 3D object into 2D


I’m recently started to get familiar with babylon js and want to use it as a feature in my web application in order to firstly ,display an 3d image ( STL Viewer ) and secondly , somehow convert this 3d into a collection of 2d images . either slicing the 3d onject into n layers or , having for example , 20 , 2d images from Different angles of the object.
I need to know if it is possible to do this task using babylon js and if the answer is yes, where should start from .

Hi @puia and welcome!

In addition to the information from @Necips , this may also be of interest to you:

what i’m looking for is to produce a collection of 2d images from a 3d object .
think of it like , the user provides a 3d stl image , and the app should convert is into a collection of 2d images . as an example :
#1 something like what we have in MRI pictures . the 3d MRI can be seen as a collection of 2d images .
#2 we’ve got a 3d object . now we want to have 20 , 2d images from each side , one from front , one from right side , one from left side , one from top , one from bottom , etc

This would work for me .
as I replied to @Necips , I need a collection of 2d images from different angles from a single 3d object in order to use that to train a machine learning model .
or also it can better to have a 3d object slicer .


I have seen this before , but does it provide an API service ?