Help needed with 3D GUI LayerMask & PostProcess/Camera (part2)

All fine to me!

Will you (add the example) or should/can I? This would be my first for BJS :sweat_smile: I can see your doc change is already in.

You can try to do it if you want, it’s quite easy.

See this page: Contribute To The Documentation | Babylon.js Documentation

Let me know if you have problems.

I suppose you have to start one day. Let me take a deep breath and I shall try this.
I’ll let you know when done,


Sorry, me again;)
I’m just not sure where to add it. Or should I simply go the ‘easy’ way?
I can see you have added content in 2 sections. I think this is also good (for CX/UX). Since this is all somehow related, I’m just not sure on which I should ask for my PG example pull request…

– and/or –

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I would add it to the In-Depth layerMask page because it does not only deal with the camera.layerMask property, which “Layer Masks and Multi-Cam Textures” restricts to.

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I believe I did this (or at least, I must have done something;)…We’ll see… :wink:

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