Help with heightMap

Second newbie post of the evening :roll_eyes: I’m trying to create a simple heightmap mesh, but I keep getting a great big wall in the middle of the scene? I’m using one of the height map images from the textures folder. Help much appreicated.

Demo here.

Hello, you should use the playground for your repro :wink:

See my commented lines: #16 and #17

I was afraid of breaking forum etiquette by not using the playground. I’ll be sure to use the playground from hereon in :wink:

Great. Thank you. So much to learn!

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So…while we’re on the subject of height maps, I’m now having some problems walking over heightmaps. The walking is Ok, albeit very shaky. Jumping on the other hand causes all sorts of issues?


can you narrow down your repro a bit? Or let us what to do to see your issue?

Sorry, I posted the wrong link. That’s to another playground I was looking through. I’ve no updated the link with my playground example. Thanks.

p.s. I think the problem is the camera does not seem to move forward when I jump? That jumping code was posted by @ iiceman in the html games forum. Seems to work fine but not when the player is moving forwards.

Ok gotcha! can you try with a smaller gravity? Seems like it is a bit too strong

Thanks, that helps :wink: