High cpu usage on Celeron N2930

we are developing an application that run smoothly on that device, with 50 fps and it used to consume 50% cpu more or less, nowdays it consumes almost 100%.

As reference i can tell you that the tablet runs the demo
https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#0K8EYN#0 at 10fps with 15% cpu
but the simple demo
https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QYFDDP#1 runs at 60fps with 80% cpu, most of it in kernel time and in process System 4.

Do you have any advice on what could the problem be, or how can i investigate further ?
I already tried different version of intel IGP driver, now i’m running, the system is Windows 10 1909 with just chrome latest version.


I just tested Microsoft Edge chromium 80.0 and it works perfectly …

Hi valeriob,

Welcome to Babylon! Per Deltakosh’s suggestion, can you double-check whether your Chrome browser is running with hardware acceleration enabled? If that used to be enabled but somehow got disabled, that might account for the behavior you’re describing.

I just testet chrome beta, that is based on chromium 80 (like edge), and the performances are ok again, it looks like some some performance regression has been introduced on chromium 79 recently.