Hardware issue or software? GPU Commit at 98% on specific laptop


I encountered a strange issue → when running any simple scene, all except one laptop shows this stats under Chrome Performance tab (after recording a snapshot), with 60fps stable:


But one single laptop (the only ThinkPad X13 with Intel Irix tested) doesn’t go higher than 2fps (!) and has this crazy 98% commit:

Can someone pls explain what commit means in this context, why/when it can peak this much, and what a fix could be?

I suspect gfx driver issues but I cannot update to latest (company security). Working on it…

In mean time I found online that this Irix is not capable of running smooth games on 1080p but has a max of 900p. The test was done full screen so at 1080p. This would not choke the pipeline down to 2fps, right? I expect more like 30fps or so in that case, true?

Thanks for any help provided !

Are you sure Chrome/ your OS is using the hardware GPU and not a software emulation? Did you try with another browser?

It does look like to be a driver issue, though…