Highlight submeshes

Currently, we can highlight meshes thanks to HighLightLayer.
Is it technically possible to highlight submeshes ?

Unfortunately no. The best option would be to clone submeshes to individual meshes

By technically, I wanted to say that no constraints would prevent implementing it. The babylon of today does not allow this behaviour, but a PR could be initiated. And before, I just wanted to know if it is possible but you seem to say no.

It is technically feasible:) and if you want to do a PR I think that @sebavan can guide you


Hey @Deltakosh, did a PR for this ever happen? If not, can you or anyone explain how I would clone the submeshes to individual meshes? I have a model where I only want to highlight one of the submeshes. Thanks!

Unfortunately no. Let me ping @sebavan to give you more details

Please find a sample here: Babylon.js Playground

Perfect! Thanks for the example :slight_smile: