HighlightLayer gets filled when a particle system is rendering

I am making a small RPG Game and need this bug fix to continue because the players gonna cast spells and the highlighted item (dropped on the floor) gets bugged (filled with the overlay color) when a particle system is processing. This bug makes me mad

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Could you provide a small repro in the Playground so that we can better understand what the problem is?

msfs1992.github.io go near the table to highlight the grenade and then shoot the barrel

This particle system is using the rendering group ids 1 and 2 to work. By default, the stencil is cleared before drawing the meshes in a rendering group, which makes the highlight layer fail.

You should disable the stencil clearing for rendering group with ids 1 and 2, as in this PG:

See lines 20 and 21.

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Thank you, i was missing this lines

    scene.setRenderingAutoClearDepthStencil(1, false, true, false);
    scene.setRenderingAutoClearDepthStencil(2, false, true, false);