Holographic type loading of full scene

Hi Everybody.

I’ve made a shader to add an holographic effect when loading the scenes, instead of just poping each one. Feel free to use it.

Version 4 works well when the full scene is loaded, and the loading wave is propagated for all the meshes the same way from a single 3D point.

Version 2 looks good for single meshes, I guess is what you want to use when you are loading multiple meshes asynchronously. Mind you this one has a few lower features than v4, but it’s easy to extend, I just don’t bother.

I put it in questions instead of Content creation because I feel is unfinished. For example, how do we apply this effect to a scene made with blender, which will have it’s own materials and textures?

Also, I would like to get the absolute position of each vertex directly, but I had to calculate it from each mesh’s position, which forced me to create multiple shader materials instead of just a single one.

Finally, Does anyone have a scene with nice elements to test this?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks a lot for this great example!

You will have to save the current material of each meshes and replace it by yours

Actually internally the system is smart enough to only compile one single shader and share it between your materials