Hosting babylonjs built games

amazon gamelift has direct support for unity, c#, c++ game builds for clients looking to host online games. Does anyone know an equivalent for babylonjs? I couldn’t find any on the azure site…

You could basically put it anywhere if it is a single player game. I’m currently using for my multiplayer game.


Are asking primarily from a technical or discovery standpoint?

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There are many different alternatives. Azure has Microsoft Azure PlayFab | Full Stack LiveOps, Real-time Control, but there are others (like gapesparks, google game servers and many more)


@Panuchka wow, this looks nifty. Not using containers, tho. I’ll keep in mind, thanks!
@JCPalmer I have no idea what standpoint I’m asking…I’m just curious for a ‘plug in my code and its up’ all-in-one solution for indies. gamelift does require devs to build around aws’s philosophy of how games should be built, which is a little hassle imo.
@RaananW yh, playfab looks equivalent to gamelift. Maybe my next title, thanks!

Sorry for the slow response, I’m wading thru the legalese that is GDPR/TOS…

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