Hot to hide meshes/nodes, materials etc. from Inspector?

I would like to hide specific meshes in the inspector. Or also materials, i want them to be rendered etc. but not shown in the inspector. Like the user should see some main meshes or materials but not everything what is totally unimportant for them.

With disposing i can’t really get it to where i want it to be, because then obviously the meshes and materials also are not shown in the 3d-View anymore

I don’t think this is possible, the inspector is a debugging tool, with some extension functions for the user to tweak a number of things, but hiding objects seems to be counterproductive for such a use…

There are a few solutions, like removing the node from scene.rootNodes if you want to hide a mesh (root) from the inspector (example), or removing a material from scene.materials, but this isn’t really supported, it’s more of a hack than anything else (and it may generate bugs, I don’t know the impact of removing objects from scene.rootNodes / scene.materials…).

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