Scene explorer node hierarchy is too nested

How to avoid too nested scene explorer nodes hierarchy?
There is a root always and several level nesting of nodes and meshes inside which I want to hide from the users.
Can Extensibility API be used for this? What is the recommended way to achieve this?

Where do you want to hide it ?

I want to show no to less nested node hierarchy in Inspector’s scene explorer.

Ohhhh, I am not sure it is supported at the moment, maybe @Deltakosh knows a trick ?

If a node (could be mesh, light or camera) has a property like this:

mesh.reservedDataStore = {hidden: true}

then it will not be visible in the scene explorer


Will a child node be visible even if its parent node has mesh.reservedDataStore = {hidden: true}?

If so I can set these when I build my scene by traversing the scene.rootNodes.

Here is a simple playground to help answer your questions I think.

@Devin_Wright PG shows only white screen. Is there something wrong with it? And no nodes at all.

Interesting. Works on my end, it shows the model at least.
The nodes are hidden via the code @Deltakosh mentioned (lines 8-11).

You might want to check the browser console and see if you are getting any errors with loading the model.

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Strange now it has worked.